Fall 2020

by Lucy Anne on September 4, 2020

Hello Everyone,

It goes without saying that these are unprecedented times. We are getting so much information and numbers thrown at us and there is a lot of fear.

I was scared and confused for a while but then I decided that maybe there was a way to be more positive about these changes. Perspective is a great change maker. We have a choice to see only the negative and fearbound side of this Virus or we can take the advice given by experts and make the changes necessary to get on with things as best we can. We have to find the positive side to this and see clearly what the danger is and how to avoid it.

To that end as I started to hear from some of you that you wanted to start quilting classes again and I researched what that would entail for all of us, was it even possible??

Well it turns out that it is possible. With a few safeguards in place, we can enjoy each others company, inspiration and support once again. And get back some of our normal lives.

The changes of course will be very important.

I know that none of you would come to class anymore with any illness, especially not a cold, that’s the first guideline.

Next we must wear masks in any situation where we cannot be 6 ft apart, so that means wearing it during class, which might be uncomfortable for some of you. If there is a medical reason that the Mask is not advisable for you, we can sit you where you will be 6 ft from the others, like in the Kitchen or Living room.

Groups of up to 10 are allowed in the same space as long as they are wearing masks and none of our classes are that large so we are okay on that one.

I will sanitize door knobs, chairs, placemats etc before and after every class. The bathroom will also be sanitized before and after class and antiseptic wipes will be available in there for extra security between users.

I will have hand sanitizer for you to use on the way in and on the way out of the house.

I hope it will still be OK for me to make tea for you as the mugs will only be used for you and then put in the dishwasher to be sterilized after each use.

If these guidelines are followed we will all be fine and can regain some of our enjoyment in life, together as a group.

If you are still worried its okay. You can wait till the winter set of classes and see how you feel then. We will miss you but we understand..

Much Love, Stay safe, Lucy Anne xxxx

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