Fall 2022

by Lucy Anne on September 7, 2022

Hello Everyone,

Just a short note, to go with the updated class schedule, now that we are all feeling a bit more comfortable with returning to normal and our classes.

Its been a tough 2 and a bit years for all of us, some much worse than others. My Family, including myself, have all had Covid, all except one Grandson and strangely my Husband. We were, none of us, very ill with it, mostly tired, sore throats and dry cough. Thank goodness for the Vaccines that kept us from getting it worse.

I feel that it is for the most part behind us now and as long as we are mindful of washing hands and staying home when we have any symptoms, we should be able to return to a fairly normal lifestyle.

So I am offering a short set of classes for this term, mostly already full of returning Students. However, I have also been asked to teach at Two of our Local Quilt shops, so if you are interested in starting classes have a look at their Webpages for information, Dates etc. They are Country Clothesline on Cosburn Ave. and Fabric Spark on the Danforth.

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed out Summer weather this year with some outdoor pursuits or even reading or sewing in a lawn chair in your backyard.

Lucy Anne xxx

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