SATURDAY OCTOBER 22ND                        8.30AM-5.30PM          $65.

This year we are heading out Niagara way, our first stop will be the “Quilting Bee” in Fonthill. They are selling off their fabric selection over this next year in an effort to change directions towards becoming Machine Quilting dealers, so we should get some good bargains.

Lunch will be in the “Lazy Loon” restaurant next door and if you have a bit of extra time there is a large Gift/Drug store there as well.

After lunch we will head into Niagara-on-the-Lake for an afternoon of shopping. This is a good time to start planning for Christmas.

Heading home to return about 5.30pm.

Hope you can join us??

The $65. cost includes lunch and is due in September

Let me know soon if you are interested in going with us as the bus is almost full.

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