Fall 2019

by Lucy Anne on July 17, 2019

Hello Everyone,

The end of Summer is fast approaching. This is when all of us feel a new urge to be organized after the soft comfort of July and August.

This summer I was away at a Cottage for a week with My Son and his Family and then flew to Britain for a 3 week holiday visiting Family and Friends in York. I am just about getting over the Jet Lag!

Whilst I was there I attended “The Festival of Quilts” in Birmingham to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy some time with my English Quilting Friends.

It was a lovely few days. The British Quilters make a lot of quilts with a message, just a quiet nudge about something meaningful. They do make Traditional Quilts as well, of course, and I was charmed by all that I saw there.

I reconnected with some old Student/Friends from when i lived in York in the early 1980’s. Good friends are Timeless!!

I hope that your Summer has a lot of nice memories for you as well.


Lucy Anne xxx