Fall 2024

by Lucy Anne on July 19, 2024

Hello Everyone,

I have been negligent in updating this webpage for the last couple of terms, mainly because I have been teaching a lot of different classes, mostly at Country Clothesline on Cosburn Ave. and Fabric Spark on the Danforth. I have been trying some new patterns and techniques and teaching many lovely Ladies, both Beginners and more seasoned Quilters, as well as some of my Long Term students (Friends).

I have been stretching myself to try some different Patterns and techniques, approaching colour in a different way. Most of this has been initiated by Jen Kingwell’s fabrics and patterns, Steam Punk, Green Tea and Sweet Beans, Wensleydale, Golden Moments, Halo, Wanderer’s Wife and now my new favourite, Shadow Moon.

I am still very happy creating Log Cabin, Applique, Civil War, Sampler Quilts and teaching the Basic principles of Accuracy to anyone who wants to learn. Sharing our Joy, Creativity and Pleasure, with others, whilst creating beautiful Heirlooms for our Families, Friends and Anyone who needs them, is truly peaceful and uplifting.

Being in a Class with other Quilters, joining a Guild where you can see, at every meeting, the lovely, sometimes Quirky, treasures at “Show and Share”, or going to a Quilt Show with some friends, all of these are a “Time Out” from our everyday schedule and adds so much positivity to our lives.

I am so glad everyday that my Grandmother was a Quilter and handed down this love of Fabric, Colour, Shapes (and People!). I hope someday my Grandchildren will feel the same.

I didn’t start out to write an Epistle but I am sure that a lot of you feel the same.

Have a look at the Classes being taught at our Two Lovely Quilt shops, mine and others, and see if you can add some joy to your life this Fall.

I hope you are all doing well and that I will see you again soon.

Lucy Anne xxx