Fall 2018

by Lucy Anne on July 26, 2018

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoying your summer. I have been reconnecting with friends and have become a “Lady who Lunches” and am enjoying every minute of it.

We also picked up our Sweet little Elsie, 2 weeks ago from the breeders, so I am now exhausted and obsessed  with Puppy stuff.

She is 10 weeks old and a West Highland Terrier or a Westie as this breed is know. She will only grow to 20 pounds at the most, and is Non Allergenic and does not shed, so no vacuming. Yea!!!

I have updated the regular class schedule for the fall but have not added any extra classes at the moment, whilst I try to make some samples and write notes etc. Elsie is consuming my time these days and I need to get a system of some kind going in order to sew anything.

All is well here other than being too hot.


Lucy Anne xxx